Why is government important?

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Why is government important?

Government is defined as a group of people under a bureaucracy that has the power to rule and enforce laws. Government is really needed to manage and supervise a set of people and a certain country or society.  Without the government, everything will not be in order.

Government is important because of the following reasons:

  1. The government imposes rules that punish the wrongdoers and reward the law abiders. If there is no government to make rules, it would be difficult to manage a whole society.  There will be chaos and misunderstanding.  Everyone will have freedom and each will claim his rights as appropriate even if these may harm his fellowmen.
  2. As human beings, we enjoy our rights such the right to live, right to eat, right to vote, right to education, etc.  With the help of the government, these rights can be implemented properly and equally with the support coming from the governing body.
  3. The government exists because of the people.  There is a mutual contract between the government and the people.  It’s a relationship that binds the two together to achieve progress.  The government must serve its people and the people must also follow the rules and regulations to have an orderly society.
  4. The government is the representation of the people living in that country. If there is no government, nothing will stand up for our decisions and feelings.  The government is the voice of the people so it serves by corresponding to our needs and position to a certain idea or situation.
  5. Government is necessary to man because it protects us from injustice and oppression.  The government supports its people through projects and programs that would sustain its citizens.  If we are under a governing body, we are well assured that we get protected and sheltered.

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