Why is ghee good for you?

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Ghee is a type of cooking oil that is widely used in India because of its reputation and health benefits.  Many people prefer ghee over common butter because the former product is associated more with health and nutrition.  Standard butter, meanwhile, may contain some nutrients but is considered more fattening than ghee.  Although much of ghee is still composed of saturated fat, it actually provides various benefits to the body which is why many health experts promote the use of ghee instead of other types of cooking oil.

One thing that makes ghee good for the body is its anti-cholesterol properties.  Using ghee is known to help reduce cholesterol levels particularly in the bloodstream and in the intestinal region.  This is especially beneficial to those who are obese and those who are diagnosed with certain diseases that are partly caused by too much cholesterol in the body.  Ghee is also known to promote the proper digestion of food items in the gastrointestinal tract.  This means that any food ingested will be efficiently processed leading to less accumulation of waste materials in many parts of the body.  Ghee is also a good food choice in the sense that it also aids in the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

People in ancient times also used ghee as a cooking oil or as a food item itself. Back then, people already knew of its health benefits despite its saturated fat content.  Aside from its anti-cholesterol properties and benefits to the brain and to the digestive process, ghee also contains various nutrients that make the body even healthier.  Ghee contains vitamins and other essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids which are known to promote good heart health. Antioxidants are also present in ghee and thereby give it the anti-toxin or anti-cancer properties.  All these nutrients basically make ghee good for people’s health.

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