Why is ghee better than butter?

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Why is ghee better than butter?

Ghee is also called as clarified butter. Ghee is considered by many people in United States as a healthy alternative to butter. Ghee tastes similar to the butter and it has some fats removed in it when compared to butter. Hence, ghee is considered as a better substituent for butter. There are some reasons for considering that ghee is healthier for consumption than butter. Ghee is found to be useful for those who have cholesterol problems, as it has low fat content and a better choice when you have high cholesterol levels.

When ghee is used for cooking purpose, it does not easily get burnt unlike that of butter. Ghee will be digested easily as it has low fats than butter. Another important aspect of ghee is that it can be stored for long period of time and need not be refrigerated. Butter cannot be stored for long and it has to be refrigerated in order to be stored for a short period. So, most of the people are more comfortable with the ghee due to its long shelf life. Ghee has many healing powers according to the ancient people. It will cause balance of mind and is known to improve brain function.

Ghee is also used for healing of the burns when applied on them while butter will not provide any relief from the pain. Ghee is used in various religious functions and many of the rituals. Some religious groups prefer to use ghee as it has religious significance. It is also believed by many people and said by the elders that eating ghee will enhance the skin glow. This is not proved scientifically but it is not said by any of the elders that butter does the same. The taste of the ghee is liked by many compared with that of butter. Ghee is considered as a good stimulant of digestive system. Usage of ghee as a substituent for butter might help you in not gaining weight.

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