Why Is G20 Bad?

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Why Is G20 Bad?

The G20 is a group of several countries that has come together to discuss the issues that has affected the world economy. It is made up of the world’s richest countries like the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Germany. Upcoming economies like China are also invited.

The G20 Summit is said to be held in Toronto on the last week of June. A lot of people say that the idea of forming the G20 is just a waste of money. Even more so holding the summit in a populated urban city is bad especially for the host city.

Aside from the huge amount needed to host the heads of state, the effect that the G20 summit has on the people makes them jumpy. For sure, protesters bringing their materials will be swarming down the city center to make their concerns known. It has always been the case with all the economic summits. Wherever it may be held, for sure, there will be a group of protesters ready to unleash its capabilities and disrupt the proceedings.

Of course, protection of the leaders is a priority of the host city so they will have to allocate a huge amount of money just to secure these very important people and make sure that no harm comes to them. You will find a town that is desolate of people except for the thousands of riot police and protesters. The situation becomes so volatile that travel bans have been released telling people not to visit the place in the meantime that the summit is ongoing. This is bad for the economy of the host city.

The policies that are discussed during the G20 summit are also not favorable for all. It shows that most of the bigwigs are concerned only on how their own countries. A waste of people’s money that is what the G20 is for most.

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