Why is Furnace blowing cold air?

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Why is Furnace blowing cold air?

The central air heater provides a feeling of comfort inside the room and keeps the inhabitants away from the illnesses related to cold at the time of summer. The quality of life can be increased in the presence of air heater. There are few types of furnaces that can produce heat. They are oil fired forced hot air furnace, forced air electric furnace and gas fired forced hot air furnace. These furnaces give out heat to keep the room warm. But at times when they are under repair, they give rise to cold air.

The furnace is said to provide heat to the entire house in some calculated quantities depending on the house size. The features that are the cause for safety, makes the furnace to manage the temperatures at desired levels. But, these safety procedures may not function properly sometimes. This makes the furnace to blow cold air.

In the case of gas fired furnace the heat is generated when the burning of gas and maintenance of the furnace is proper. The fan switch is a part in it that can detect or sense the temperatures and can make the blower to switch on or off. The part of the furnace which exchanges the heat gets heated up long before the fan is switched on. If the fan switch is damaged or struck with any problem then the cold air will blow even after the burner is on.

When the fan switch makes the fan off cycle to get extended and the burning will stop when the thermostat works. In the cycle heat exchange should be stopped, making the cold air to be blown by the furnace. If the furnace has to be protected from overheating, the thermostat starts to get cooled. This will result in the blowing of cold air. In the process of heat distribution, the fan helps in covering the heat into the entire furnace. If the fan switch is struck, the oil fired furnace will start blowing cold air as long as the exchange of heat reaches to its maximum.

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  1. Lisa

    October 19, 2014 10:23 pm

    “Keeps the inhabitants away from illnesses…” ????? What are you talking about? Furnaces and/or air conditioners DO NOT ward off viruses. They keep you warm or cool. End of story. Check facts before spouting in an article. You’re basing your facts on an old wives tale.


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