Why is Family time important

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Why is family time important

Time is such an important element of our life in order to survive. Time is gold as what the famous line says and in a family, it’s even more precious than gold. With the coming of modernization, life has been so fast-paced that even family ties began to break. Spending family time, which is supposed to be the most valuable aspect for a family to prosper and to be happy, is starting to diminish.
With this, stronger and closer family ties must be maintained in order to achieve quality life. Closer family ties improve the bond among family members. Through this, the open communication within the family is developed which results to proper guidance of the parents to the children.
When the family has time for each other, the members can be motivated to do better things not just for themselves but for the community as well. Since family is the basic foundation of a society, it must be important that right conduct must be learned first at home. If there is quality family time, good values can be imbibed. With the proper guidance and motivation within the family, self-esteem of each member will be developed leading to a more positive outlook in life.
More quality time with the family means a more united, satisfied, and happy family. When each family member has time for each other, ethical and morally upright individuals will dominate the society. In turn, the more holistic individuals the society have, a better community will be achieved.
Quality family time has greater effects which can influence each component in the Spending time with the family develops respect, thus creating God-fearing citizens. Having God-fearing members in the family can create a happy and peaceful family lifestyle. A better lifestyle would mean a harmonious society and a better world to live in.

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