Why is Delhi the Capital of India?

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Why is Delhi the Capital of India?

New Delhi is the capital city of India. It is popular for the culture and tradition that prevails at the place. It is known for having a sparkling history. Delhi is considered as the third biggest city in India. Most of the large investments are made here and the city is heavily industrialized. The growth in information technology, health care and real estate is observed in Delhi. Delhi people follow the culture of the past mixed with the influence of modernity. The people in Delhi are mixture of all those coming from various parts of India. Delhi has people who speak various languages and who come from various cultures. The society in Delhi is opened to all kinds of customs and traditions.

New Delhi is one of the important and famous tourist centers in northern part of India. The very old history it has exemplifies the rich heritage of India. The great monuments, museums, galleries, parks and Mughal Architecture attract the tourist people a lot. Delhi city has both old and new traditions mixed. The two differ by their cultures and lifestyles. Old Delhi is influenced by the Mughal ruler’s ideologies which are reflected in the monuments, mosques and forts built in the city. The streets that have old bazaars and the kind of food available there show the significance of old city. New Delhi is totally different from the old city with the lifestyle borrowed from British rule in India.

New Delhi is constructed very beautifully with proper planning. The streets are very wide and spacious. The streets are filled on either side by the greenery. Some of the major commercial centers are present in New Delhi’s famous business spots like Connaught place, Nehru place, Bikaji Kama, south extension and ITO. There is a separate tourist department meant for Delhi visitors which has opened help desk services to guide foreign tourists in sight seeing or in visiting nearby places. With all the above reasons Delhi was considered as a capital city for India.

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