Why is chlorine important?

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Chlorine is among one of the significant halogen compounds that has several uses. Sodium hypochlorite is called chlorine bleach and is used for water purification. Chlorine is also a part of sodium chloride, which is called table salt. Chlorine is very necessary for human life. Chlorine is considered the tenth substance that is abundantly present in the human body and the eleventh substance found abundantly on this planet. Chlorine is found to be helpful in saving many lives more than any other chemical as it is used as a disinfectant for most of the water supply in the United States as well as in other countries.

Chlorine is used in the synthesis of  most  pharmaceutical substances. The manufacture of almost all of the chemicals for crop protection is done by using chlorine. Chlorine is also found to be used in the synthesis of about 45 percent of commercial products.  The ocean, which is the result of the weathering of the continental lands, is the largest storehouse for salt. It has also been surmised that life originated in the ocean. There would not have been life if there was no salt.

Salt keeps the human body wet, healthy, moves the muscles, and fights against germs. Chloride in the cells helps in the regulation of balance in the acid base as well as in the maintenance of electrical neutrality in the human body. The balancing act of chloride will allow water to be retained in the body for long periods of time. For instance, the body will require the intake of salt after intense perspiration and exercise, and we tend to drink more water after consuming salty foods.

Chloride is part of hydrochloric acid which helps in the destruction of germs in the digestive system and making the pepsin enzyme digest proteins. When infections occur, a substance called hypochlorite will be formed in the WBCs. This substance is known to destroy the germs and to help other immune agents perform the same while it maintains the immune system.

Construction materials like concrete, insulation with fiberglass, paints, plumbing pipes, nylon carpeting, and tiles on the floor contain chlorine. Chlorine is also used in the preparation of items like: alternator belts, upholstery, air bags, hoses, bumpers, plastic items, seat belts, floor mats, dashboards, seals, air conditioners, brakes, gaskets, gasoline additives, transmission fluids, and antifreeze systems. Chlorine also will be present in the manufacture of: microprocessors, computer disks, telephones, and plastic materials for keyboards and computers. Golf bags, soccer balls, wetsuits, nylon tents, surfboards, football helmets, waterproof jackets, tennis rackets, and many toys contain chlorine.


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