Why is Boo Radley a Mockingbird?

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Why is Boo Radley a Mockingbird?

The Novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ is a popular work of Harper Lee. In this story the mocking bird is referred to the innocence of the child. Killing the Mocking bird means to eradicate the innocence of the child. The disappearance of innocence also can happen due to visualization of certain hard truths in life. Boo Radley was looking different from what others thought about him. Boo Radley was a gentle man. He saved Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell. If Heck Tate had told about Radley’s heroism to the town people then the ladies in the church might have distributed him cakes and gifts. Boo Radley was very innocent and was completely different from what the people thought against him.

The Boo Radley character has much impact on the theme of this novel. Though he is not one among the main characters of the story, he influenced the important character ‘Scout,. Scout learnt many things from Boo Radley. Initially Boo Radley appeared to be a very rigid personality. Later, Scout came to know that Boo was very helpful to her.

The character of Boo was portrayed as quiet, alone and always tried to search for love and friendship from others. Boo was shown to be kind towards others. Boo saved the lives of Finch kids and hence his character was understood correctly by everyone. The word ‘Mocking bird’ has been used in the novel when Atticus tells Scout and Jim not to kill the Mocking bird as it does not harm anyone. Jim and Scout could not understand his words initially. Scout had a nightmare on Boo Radley in the beginning. Boo saved their lives from Bob Ewell. He placed the blanket around Scout when it was cold outside when all of them were watching Mau die’s house burning. From the above incidents, Scout and Jim confirmed that Boo Radley is a mocking bird who does not harm others.

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