Why is Black ops laggy?

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Why is Black ops laggy?

It is the opinion of most of the people that Black ops game does not allow them to continue playing for most of the time. Most of the people complain that the internet connection was lost while playing the game. The game was found to be not up to the standards. Many people say that the game lags too much. The lagging was observed both online and offline. There was a testing done by people who faced the problem with the lag in the game. They seem to have checked the folder called Resources” and another inside it called as Redist” to identify the problem. Running the files called as vcredist_86.exe and dxsetup.exe in DirectX folder could fix the problem with the lag.

The files that were run to repair the lagging problem was followed by computer rebooting. Along with this, the CPU usage also was taken care of to handle the game properly. After doing this when the Black ops is loaded onto windows then it went on fine this time without any lag. The game could run smoothly and the CPU usage became tolerable.

Running steam.exe in offline mode primarily can start the Black ops on windows easily and comfortably. The steam.exe file can stop getting executed after the game was made to start. Another option can also be tried when the Black ops can be set to high priority in the windows task manager and steam.exe can be set at low priority. This can solve the lag problem of the game to some extent. Another reason for the lag may be that the steam cloud synchronization option is on’. This option can be found by going to the menu by right clicking on the game, then select the option called Enable steam cloud sync’ under steam library and deselect it. This might solve the problem of lagging.

Another mistake that most of us do that might result in crashing of the game is that we tend to change the resolution of the game. Altering the resolution features might crash the game totally.

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