Why is Athens important?

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Why is Athens important?

As the largest city capital in Greece, Athens is reported to be located across the central plains of Attica, otherwise known as Athens Basin. Athens is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cities as its history presents its existence to be around 3,400 years old. Bounded by four large mountains in each direction, Athens is surrounded by a number of hills that greatly contributes to the city’s Subtropical Mediterranean climate. Today, Athens lives as a historical site within the modern age. The city of Athens did not just purely attach itself to the remains of history. The city moved with the changing times, became one of the richest city to have a powerful purchasing capacity and became politically, economically and socially developed among many other countries. But what makes the city of Athens genuine is its ability to preserve the city’s rich culture, heritage and history. Despite the soaring stability of Athens, the city remains to enhance and inculcate in its citizens the rich, colorful and beautiful Athens that used to exist before the city’s improvement and progress.
The importance of Athens is one significant issue that is greatly attributed to its history. Athens is one important city because most of the historical events that were deemed to be of great significance took place in this city. The civilized life among the people in Greece is widely attributed to the existence of the city of Athens. The fundamentals of art, literature, and philosophy, in fact, of almost the whole of one’s intellectual life is contributed by the city’s interesting and abounding tales of history and culture. More so, the city of Athens is of great importance because it was the first city to lay down the foundations of today’s civilized Western people and countries.

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