Why is an IP Address Important?

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Why is an IP Address Important?

IP address is defined as the Internet Protocol Address. It may seem very complicated but as a matter of fact, it is simpler than what it sounds like. Every computer has been assigned for an IP address. It is a unique set of numbers that the internet assigns for the computer to be successfully connected to it. Depending on the size of the network you are connecting to, the network address can be longer or shorter. This is included on a standard protocol that every router and computer understands. They have their own language which is called the binary digits which is being transformed into bits of data that the internet receives and will eventually let the computer to connect within the network. Once you understand the meaning and uses of the IP address, it will be easier for you to know the importance of it in the cyber world.

A computer’s unique address can be compared to the physical address of your house. It usually includes the general location, zip code and street address. Anyone can easily found you if they have your complete address. It’s just the same with the IP address. A computer with a unique IP can be easily found by a server or a router. It sets up communication between computers and the World Wide Web. If a particular personal computer or laptop doesn’t have its own IP, then it will be impossible for it to access the internet. Moreover, computers are not the only thing that can possess an IP. If you are working on an office filled with hundreds of computers, then a printer can be needed as well. If the printer is assigned with its own IP, then you can print with it even if you are on the first floor and the printer is on the tenth floor. Mobile phones and Xbox game systems are also capable of having their own addresses.

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