Why Is Alaska Not Part Of Canada?

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Why Is Alaska Not Part Of Canada?

The reason why Alaska is not a part of Canada even if it is actually beside it is simply because Alaska has been purchased by United States. In the year 1866, the government of Russia, that currently own Alaska offered the country to United States. The Russian treasury was short of funds that time that’s why the government has decided to negotiate the sale. In the first place, Alaska has never been a part of Canada.

William Seward, the secretary of state, has worked out on a treaty that makes Alaska under United States for $7.2 million in gold. Because of Seward’s passion to America’s expansion, the initial price of $5 million was raised to $7.2. Both parties signed this agreement making Alaska a part of the United States colony. Moreover, the final agreement terms was received on March 30, 1867.

The name Alaska is chosen by Americans. On October 18, 1867, the transfer of the title ceremony has been held. This day was called the ‘Alaska Day, the formal transfer of Russian territory to America. For some time, criticisms are open. Before purchasing Alaska, a lot of people have commented that it is just a land with no other values but furbearing animals. But after some time, it has been said that
Alaska’s purchased price turned out to be a lot greater than the amount that United States has paid. The land has been discovered with oil and gold making it famous because of its rich resources. It is a great disappointment for Canadian people but they have no choice. Russia has invaded it once, and passed it to United States of America. The owner of Alaska has a very great opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources found on it. This can make them richer and more powerful. Russia is now repenting because of their wrong decision.

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