Why is AJ cook leaving criminal minds?

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AJ cook is one of the actresses in the TV drama called as ‘Criminal minds,. Ã’šÃ‚ It is reported that she will be replaced by some other female actress in the sixth season series episodes. Some sources said that she has left the show for ‘creative reasons, and not due to financial reasons. She was found to have missed few of the fourth season episodes as she was on maternity leave.

Removal of AJ Cook from the Drama was in the part of refreshing the show series. But there are certain reports that say about the other reasons for Cook’s leaving. The sources said that Cook is leaving the show ‘criminal minds, due to financial considerations. Her co-star Paget Brewster was also known to be staying for few more episodes in the season 6 and then leave the show. There were many negotiations that were made with Brewster and she was asked to remain with a new financial agreement. It was announced that if the negotiations were successful, then Brewster might be back. In the same lines, Cook was also made to involve in the talks, regarding financial matters.

This series has seven core casts in which most of the males will be offered roles. Cook has been in the show right from the first episode. Though people have different opinions on the reasons for the Cook to leave the show ‘criminal minds,, the producers of the show confirmed that Cook was leaving the show due to financial reasons. But, deadline.com has opened a new story on this issue which reveals that Cook’s dismissal was not due to financial reasons. It is believed that CBS will change or refresh ‘Criminal Minds, show.

Cook’s role was offered to another female character. The character of J.J. will be missing from the sixth season of ‘criminal minds,. It is evident from the Cook’s public statements that she was not willing to leave the show by herself. She was obliged to leave the show due to some executive reasons as was done for J.J in the show.

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