Why is adoption good?

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Adoption has its benefits to all parties involved in the process.  Whether one is the birth mother, the baby, or the person who decides to adopt this particularly baby, there are plenty of good things that may result from it.  The simple fact that other people are willing to take care of somebody else’s child is good in itself.

Babies and children that are offered for adoption by other people and families have different stories to tell.  One baby may be born out of wedlock from teenage parents.  Others may be part of an already large family which is unable to meet its expenses on a daily basis.  There are also those that are given up because of health or economic reasons.  But regardless of their stories, these babies that are adopted will ultimately benefit from the process.  Having a new set of parents or a family that wants to take care of them is one great benefit to have for these babies.  A brighter future could be ahead of them because of a new and loving environment provided by the adoptive family.  The adopted baby could have more opportunities in terms of education and support.

In the case of those who decided to give up their children for adoption, they may also get some benefits from their situation.  Knowing that their child will be taken cared of will bring a sense of peace to birth mothers, for example.  This is especially applicable to those who are unable to provide the basic needs of their child.  Young mothers could also pursue their dreams if there is no more baby involved in the equation.

As for the adoptive parents or family, having a child in the home will provide a new sense of happiness and direction.  The adoptive parents will be able to experience raising a child, and this wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t choose to adopt.  All family members involved may also feel more satisfied with their lives as they are able to help other people who are in need.


Author: Hari M

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