Why Facebook is not working in UAE?

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Why Facebook is not working in UAE?

Face book is blocked by the United Arab Emirates as they wanted to stop a popular social networking site for unknown reason. This block is done by the main internet service provider in the region. People at UAE are complaining that the stopping of Face book access is started by the government at UAE called Etisalat. It happened that the administrator of UAE wanted his ISP to stop the access to Face book.

Way back on September 5th 2007, telecommunications authority has revealed to the press that they have heard people talking about blocking of the Face book by UAE government. He said that blocking will not happen and if at all it occurs the situation will be taken care of. It is observed that Face book was blocked for some people and not for all of the UAE population. The UAE Face book users have taken a decision against this act of the government. Nearly 700 people have filed a petition not to block the Face book site permanently. As per the survey done by ‘Time Out Dubai’ there are about 55000 users in UAE and the users number is still increasing.

A few days before Face book was blocked in UAE, ‘CRIME’ news in Iran has reported that Face book was blocked in this country. They revealed the news based on the information provided by the Face book community called ‘internet censorship and filtering in Iran,. A Persian language editor says that the preventing the use of popular social networking site in Iran was at the internet provider level and not done officially. He seems to have collected the information from trusted sources in Iran.

Though many reporters tried to work on the issue of internet censoring in UAE, no one was ready with proper information related to the issue. It is not clear even now, why the Face book censoring was done. It is not clear whether the problem was with the service provider or whether the blockage was official.

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