Why Facebook is Better than Orkut?

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Why Facebook is Better than Orkut?

A question that is asked from time to time and is always met with opposition. Since some of you may not be familiar with Facebook and Orkut, a little information about these two popular yet different socializing networking sites is important. Facebook has gained popularity in the United States and is gradually knocking on other shores. Orkut is popular in India and Brazil and slowly gaining popularity in other countries.

It is really hard to determine on which of this two socializing networking sites have the upper hand or is more popular than the other. Both have unique features and applications that different type of people use and appreciate. People that have access to both Facebook and Orkut account have different views on the matter. Some likes Facebook and some likes Orkut and they have both accounts on both socializing networks.

When everything has been all said and done, the result is based on one’s own personal preferences. People choose the easiest site to use and access, thus the term ‘user friendly, comes to play. If a person finds Facebook easier to use, then they go for Facebook and vice versa. In the end it boils down to different people, different taste, and different perspectives.

Many still believe that Facebook is better than Orkut because of the ‘SHEER, number of members, around 500 million to be exact. It just proves that more people are using Facebook than Orkut in the planet. The recent polls show that it is the most popular site as of today and it keeps on getting better.

Although Orkut still holds the title in India and Brazil. Facebook claims that it is only a matter of time, before they outrank Orkut in India and Brazil. Whether this may prove true or false, only the users and members of both socializing networks can tell.

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  1. kevin

    May 10, 2014 5:50 pm

    i got facebook me and my uncle are from americ we got the google orkut merged with google + so we like the games on orkut sure facebook has games but som of them dont work we like orkut fb is wrong i seen more people leave fb


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