Why Does Nyquil make you Sleepy?

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Why Does Nyquil make you Sleepy?

Nyquil is a type of drug that is generally taken by many people without any prescription. It is made specifically to encounter the problems from colds and influenza. It is also used to fight back the sleep lessness associated with the colds. Nyquil medicine consists of pain and inflammation reducing agents, cough suppressing agents, anti histamines and alcohol. Nyquil medication contains some of the anti histamines, doxylamine succinate or chlorpheniramine maleate and it causes drowsiness or sedation. It causes drowsiness because it consists of alcohol as an inactive constituent. Due to the presence of alcohol in it, this drug should be avoided using it along with alcohol or by those who are accustomed to taking alcohol.

Doxylamine succinate which is one of the constituents of Nyquil is an antihistamine which is known to make one sleepy. It is sometimes used for treatment of insomnia. Too much use of this chemical might lead to the creation of hallucinations in us. It is known that some of the antihistamines that cause drowsiness are increased by alcohol. As Nyquil has both of them as its ingredients, it can severely cause sleepiness. Nyquil also consists of Tylenol as an ingredient for fever. This medication also consists of dextromethorphan, high fructose corn syrup, polyethylene glycol, purified water, red 40, saccharin sodium and sodium citrate.

As experienced by many people, Nyquil makes them have a sound sleep. Acetaminophen is another ingredient of Nyquil. Acetaminophen is a fever reducer but does not cause drowsiness. Dextromethorphan will cause cough to subside but simultaneously also leads to drowsiness. Nyquil is also known to contain pseudo ephedrine and dextromethorphan which are known to remove the sleepiness. The normal dose for adults is 30 millis or two capsules for every six hours and hence it does not go beyond four doses per day. Now, it is not recommended to take Nyquil but use other medications that serve the same purpose.

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