Why Does Justin Bieber say Mafia?

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Why Does Justin Bieber say Mafia?

He is the biggest music star in the world today and has every teenage girl in the world hanging by every single word he says whether it is in his songs or in his press interviews. So, naturally, everyone wants to know why Justin Beiber says the word ‘Mafia, in the beginning of all of his songs. Before actually researching this specific question, I thought that I would mull around a few possibilities before finding out the actual answer to this strange question. Here is what I came up with.

First off, I figured he was trying to get in good with the R&B and rap moguls who frequently appear on his record and him on theirs. Rappers are always screaming out random ‘gangster, vocab and the word ‘mafia, seemed to fit right into what they were doing, so I assumed that is exactly what direction Beiber was going. Well, it turns out that that theory was not quite right, but it was worth a shot.

Next, I thought maybe he was referring to his entourage of friends who he can be seen sauntering through Los Angeles with on a daily basis. I can see how a close group of friends could be called a ‘mafia, by a young teenage kid. That, as well, was not a very accurate assumption on my part.

The truth of the matter is that his record label is actually called Midi-Mafia and he likes to give them a shout out before and during each song of his to remind them that he is forever grateful for their dedication and sacrifice in allowing him to experience his dream of being one of the top Pop Idols in the world. Now, that is pretty cool, I think. It is always refreshing to see someone, especially someone so young, give respect like that and not take what they have for granted. It is a very rare trait these days and I think Beiber is a class act for doing that.

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  1. Elijah678

    June 24, 2010 6:26 am

    “Mafia” is not the record label. Justin Bieber is signed to Def Jam. “Mafia” is for the producing duo, MIDI Mafia and it isn’t Justin’s voice saying it, it’s a sample from the producers. (I believe it is a female voice.) They also have tagged some of their other non-Bieber songs in the same way. MIDI Mafia produced “Down To Earth” for the My World EP. They co-produced (with producer, Dapo Torimiro) “Bigger” on the same album. Then on My World 2.0 they again co-produced a song with Dapo Torimiro, “Overboard”. I think Justin is great and I am sure he is very appreciative of all of the writers and producers on his albums but that is not him saying “Mafia” in the beginning of those songs.


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