Why does iPad need a computer?

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Why does iPad need a computer?

One of the more frustrating things that iPad customers have had to face since investing so much money into their new product is the fact that the iPad was not even really built to be a standalone device to begin with. Do not get me wrong, it can be used to do many of the general and even spectacular things that a regular PC can and cannot do, but some other things that are essential to do, the iPad cannot do on its own. This issue has caused many of the buyers of the system to take them back or complain until they are blue in the face to the people who designed this super computer.

The reasons behind this issue is actually very simple and it is something that the users of the iPad would have already known if they had just done a little bit of research before investing so much money in this device. The fact of the matter is that the iPad is an amazing product that will do many things when it comes to media and games that your old computer just could not do without some serious and expensive upgrades. It was not built to be relied upon for spreadsheets and serious documents or anything like that. It was something that you could travel with and use as a portable game system or DVD player.

A lot of people have continued to complain about these things and I am sure that they will eventually be fixed as Apple pushes out the next few installments of the iPad, but until then the users today will just have to suck it up and deal with it. It only takes a little bit of product research to save yourself the frustration of thinking that you are getting one thing when it actually turns out to be something else. These users really have nobody else to blame besides themselves for this mix up.

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