Why Does Everyone like Twilight?

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Why Does Everyone like Twilight?

Not everyone likes Twilight. There is a large number of people out there with a great distaste for Stephanie Meyers’ series ‘š a healthy segment of this populace are probably disgruntled boys who lost their dates for the prom because their skin does not sparkle. Others are lovers of literature that find Meyers’ prose weak, her characters shoddy, and her book an insult to a bestseller list.

Still, Twilight and its companion books come in 37 languages worldwide. Someone has to be reading them. The books’ popularity stems from their appeal to the targeted audience: tweens, teens, and young women. Cut through the crowds at any major book retailer and you’ll find that most of the customers are women ‘š a good indicator as to why this series has flown off the shelves.

Like most ‘chick lit,, Twilight focuses on the perspective of the female character: Bella Swan, the klutzy, down-to-earth teenager who has recently moved to the small town of Forks, WA. As the love story between Bella and Edward, a vampire, grows painstakingly slowly, it’s almost embarrassing how fast Bella falls in love with the enigmatic Edward. Through Bella’s eyes, the female idealism of young love blossoms and Edward is every woman’s dream.

If there were one reason to read these books, it is Edward. It isn’t that he’s a wonderfully developed character, like Austen’s Mr. Darcy. However, when Bella sees him, the awareness of his existence alters her world. The reader, like Bella is drawn to Edward. Their eventual obsession with each another ‘š even though they barely ever kiss, is enough to inspire a swoon in the reader.

So here it is, the true reason Twilight is (almost) universally liked. All women are jealous of Bella Swan, because while Edward may be a vampire, his reaction to Bella ‘š the way he cannot even resist this little nothing of a girl, makes every reader wonder, ‘Where is my Edward Cullen?,

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