Why Does Diet Coke and Mentos explode?

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Why Does Diet Coke and Mentos explode?

This had become a popular past time for people, ever since the ‘mentos and coke fountain explosion, was discovered. People of all ages have tried imitating this effect for the past few years. The main reason why this happens is because of the unique way these two different products react to each other. Diet coke is made with a higher concentration of carbon dioxide compared to the other sodas. Mentos on the other hand, is made with gelatin and gum arabic ingredients and the final product leaves a smooth surface filled with many holes (although invisible to the eye).

The carbon dioxide reacts to the chemicals found in mentos and fills up those holes in a rapid rate. This produces many bubbles, as the pressure from these bubbles rise it will find the nearest possible exit (which is the opening of the soda) and release a fountain of concentrated soda mixed with mentos. Actually this effect or ‘surface effect, can be done not only with diet coke but with the other regular sodas as well. Still, people prefer diet coke for the most dramatic effect.

Now if people would try this during cold weather, they should warm up the bottle first before doing the experiment. Warm diet coke gives the best result rather than a cold one. It produces more bubbles and the pressure build up is higher compared to cold sodas. In addition, it is not advisable for a person to eat mentos then drink soda afterwards. Although you may not ‘explode,, it can be a very ‘excruciating, experience.

There had been different events, on setting the highest ever recorded fountain of diet coke explosions. Whether you are planning to do the experiment or not, safety must always be a priority. There is a possibility that things can go wrong and you have to be prepared to face the unexpected.

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