Why Do Xbox 360s Get Banned?

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Why Do Xbox 360s Get Banned?

There are people who go through around some forums telling and bragging concerning the Xbox 360 getting banned. You may wonder why they need to brag about it rather than complaining. This is an advantage to many since in Xbox Live account, cheaters will be gone.

Those people who play by the rules and follows regulations, this is great news because that cheater on live will no longer use cheats of mods. The point is you are trying to come across playing Xbox Live and do not know what you will do without it, they cannot do anything that will break the Microsoft rules like modding the console. They will also show up some no pity and ban you instantly.

But if you think that you have all the justification for making what do you banned for, then you will be lucky to find someone that will listen in your pleas. This will not help you in a way. There are number of players that are being banned for suspicion to cheating even if they have new and unmodded consoles.
If you do not want to be banned and simply prevent your gaming to be banned then you can buy a new. If you did not have any money to buy a new Xbox then you can buy a used Xbox 360. You can just clean out the hard drives from its previous owner and it have saved data.

You will, never know what would be on it. You have to remember that when it already has downloads like hacks it can get you banned. For example, you were banned temporarily till ten years from now.
That ban can just happen in the error of the Xbox 360 family setting. This can be fixed through turning off a family setting for the Xbox Live account. But if you find yourself banned temporarily, then you can never access your account information.

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