Why do words have power?

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Words are said to be very powerful whether they are written or spoken. People need not read a particular research on this item to prove that words indeed have some kind of power towards people. One just needs to assess his/her own life in order to know the truth about words that may have some kind of control in one’s life. A simple compliment from a co-worker for example may give an emotional boost for a person for the entire week while a seemingly harmful criticism of one’s looks may make the person feel small for the rest of his/her life. Simple words in these sample experiences are enough proof that words indeed have power over people’s thought and emotions.

Some words have the power to inspire and make people happy. A simple birthday greeting may not mean so much for some people but it could mean the world for a child who was separated with his father from birth. In this particular case, the child who celebrates his/her birthday may become the happiest person in the world if ever he/she receives a birthday greeting from his/her long lost father for example. In the same way, one word may also be enough to cause the opposite thought or emotion. Words may also have the power to make people feel sad and lonely. A negative written report about a particular person’s performance at school or in the office may make some people sad for a moment while others may feel inferior for the rest of their lives.

Words can basically result into different kinds of thoughts and emotions in people and this is the basic reason why they are considered to be very powerful. Older people who are deemed as wiser in terms of age and experience often advice the young people to carefully choose their words towards other people because they may have a huge impact in other people’s lives in both positive and negative ways.

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