Why do Women stay in abusive relationships?

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Why do Women stay in abusive relationships?

Violence is a widely tool for manipulation and control over another person. It is a form of expression that forcefully puts another being to physical, emotional or sexual harm. Reports have shown that the most common victims of abuse are children, elderly and women. And to add to this, domestic abuse is the most common form of maltreatment that has occurred and is occurring to almost all parts of the world. There are many factors for violence to occur and reports can highly prove that it is frequently the men who abuse women.

Despite the pain, the suffering and the tragedy of being abused, a lot of people wonder why these abused women remain to live with their abuser. It is in fact, easy to turn around and leave. But for the abused women, nothing is easy. Yes, the thought of leaving comes into their head but the act itself is never done. Women who are abused justify this. One of the reasons for an abused woman to remain in an abusive relationship is that they don’t have an established self-image. They see themselves as dependent on the abuser, with the hope that the abusers will still change. Another reason cited is that they are afraid of retaliation. Besides thinking that they have nowhere to go but to stay, they are afraid of what the consequences may be when they try to escape and leave the perpetrator. Moreover, these abused women tend to blame themselves for the acts of their abusers. They are the ones feeling guilty and eventually get embarrassed of the kind of life she has.

It is a fact that abuse has destroyed many lives but despite of this, it remains to be the least recognized problem in the society.

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