Why do Women in India wear saris?


Why do Women in India wear saris?

Saris for women and Dhotis for men are the part of Vedic culture in India. This type of dressing is to make the people comfortable in those clothes. Saris are easy to be made and are an apt choice for proper social appearance as per the religious norms. Most of the Indian women feel comfortable in Saris. Basically, India is a tropical country. Almost all the places in India are hot all through the year except for 2-3 months in a year. So, the clothes people wear should allow them to be comfortable while they are doing their activities. The Saris worn by women are open at the bottom and allows the air to pass through and keep the body cool. This will prevent intense sweat.

The Sari is worn in two parts. The first part is wrapped around the legs from the hip along with some frills. These frills will allow the free movement of legs and for changing the legs positioning easily to another comfortable pose while working. The next part of the Sari is to turn it around the body and cover the upper part of the body. The upper part of the sari is worn differently by southern Indian women from Northern Indian women. Though there is slight variation in covering the back and breast for north and south Indian women, these wearing styles allow the body to get proper air circulation. The Sari can be easily removed during the time of any fire accident. This will prevent the person in it not to become victim to the accident. Sari and Dhoti are easy to remove garments. Sari is comfortable to be worn during pregnancy and is convenient to even cover the head. Covering the head is important for women when they are in public.

Woman wearing Sari looks beautiful. It need not be Indian women; it can be any woman in the world. Any woman can try and check it.

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  1. Tanjul

    June 8, 2012 12:33 pm

    “Covering the head is important for women when they are in public.”
    – I’m sorry for being so blunt, but are you mad?


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