Why do Wolves Howl at the Moon?


wolves-188553_640Why do Wolves Howl at the Moon?

There are myths which say that wolves howl at the moon. Some people believe that the howling of wolves at the moon is only given in stories and it does not happen in real. The ancient stories say that wolves can understand the language of the spirits. When they hear the voices of spirits they howl at them by raising their heads straight high. This is because on the full moon day the voices of the spirits are clearer and hence the wolves try to listen to them. That is the reason why there is hatred in humans for wolves as depicted in the old stories. The raising of their heads indicates that they can make clear sounds by doing that act.

It is also believed that the power of talking to the spirits by wolves has made the humans to aspire for getting that power. It is said that when humans ask the wolf to give him the power they refuse to do it. The wolves were very proud about this gift which they possessed and the humans were unable to snatch that away from the wolves. This is because the spirits had control over these powers of wolves. As the time passed, the number of spirits increased and the wolves were fighting constantly with humans for retaining these powers.

But, later the spirits have taken away the gift from the wolves as they were fighting with humans out of pride. Spirits felt that the wolves were not eligible for this gift. They took away the power from the wolves and gave them the ability to get back the memories of their ancestors. Then the night was silent as the spirits were not visible to the wolves. During the full moon when there is a strong bond developed between the wolves and spirits, the wolves start to howl longing for their powers to be given back to them. That was the reason for the wolves to howl on full moon day.

But, the scientists say that howling of wolves is just a way communicating with each other. As their voices have to be clear they raise their heads straight to make loud noise. They say that howling has nothing to do with the moon. They are nocturnal creatures and hence they are active during the nights and also howl during the night.

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  1. Greek

    November 30, 2011 4:30 pm

    Actually, it’s the dogs that howl to the moon, not the wolves. Wolves howl due to desperation or hunger. Acoording to Greek myths wolves howl because they’re cursed, but dogs howl to honour the moon or to bring the message of a black spell.

    Wolves were never connected with the moon. That’s just a misconception of the Middle Ages. It is true that wolves have always been connected with the night, but never with the moon.


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