Why do We Hands shake?

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Why do We Hands shake?

Shaking of hands is a gesture that shows openness, acceptance, and respect. It is a custom a long time ago that depicts friendship and mutual trust.

Modern civilization considered shaking of hand as part of welcome greetings. When we meet somebody new to us, we introduce ourselves then followed by a hand shake. This means that the acquaintance is an indication of a new friendship and that we welcome another person as part of our circle. Shaking of hands also means respect to the individual being introduced to us. It may be a nonverbal communication but its message means, Nice meeting you’.

Shaking of hands also means congratulations for a job well done. During graduation, awards ceremony, or a well-applauded speech, we usually come to the concerned person to show our best wishes.

During ancient times, shaking of hands was very symbolic. Before, people were not used to meeting people because they live in the forest and isolated communities. They don’t have time to communicate with outsiders. If ever strangers appear in a certain community, the natives are cautious because they might be a threat to their society. To show their sincerity, the strangers do the hand shake to show that they have no weapons and to signify that they are unarmed.

This custom is still passed on in the Middle Ages where war is very much apparent. The hand shake is a sign that no arms or guns are hidden in any part of the body. When people of different ethnic groups or civilization meet, they perform the hand shake to show that they don’t have any intention to fight but to make friends and retain peace.

Hand shake is now considered as a formal gesture around the world. If we want to make friends, we do the hand shake. If we commend somebody, we do the hand shake. Hand shake measures our sincerity and sociability to everyone.

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