Why do Toes Curl?

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Why do Toes Curl?

Curling of toes is generally observed when anyone is satisfied with the work he has performed. If the body has experienced a sense of joy and has started to relax very much, the height of the excitement can be held up in the form of curling of the toes. The excitement can make the muscles in the body to get tightened and will lead to the curling of toes. The curling of toes is also called as orgasm. Orgasms are of two types. They are clitoral orgasms and G-Spot orgasms. Clitoral orgasms are much intense as clitoris is very sensitive. There is hundreds of nerve endings pointed into the space in the size of the small bean. Based on the factor that influences the individual to become excited or happy, the orgasm will be generated in him and the toes get curled.

Toes also represent the orgasm caused when people participate in sex. Some people say that when their toes curl, they can feel happy and it will be an immense pleasure for them to see their toes curling. When you are enjoying the taste of the food or when anyone praises you for being able to experience the tasty food, the pleasure in you makes the toes curl. When any work done by you is applauded by the authorities or elders, it becomes an achievement for you. This feeling of accomplishment will make you to have your toes curled. Telling or explaining someone about an issue or matter which is not known by them will also sometimes makes you to curl the toes. During an argument with anyone or when you are trying to convince the other person and are successful in doing that, then the pleasure that you experience is also another factor that makes your toes curl. Whatever may be the reason for pleasure in you, the curling of toes occurs automatically and unconsciously.

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