Why Do Tick Bites Itch For So Long?

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Tick bites not always last long, but occasionally when they do, they involve a part of the tick’s body getting stuck underneath the skin or due to a possible skin infection. It is usually the head of the tick that gets buried in the skin during a bite. The miniscule head of the tick can barely be made out by the naked eye and is somewhat difficult to extract out of the skin tissue. In some severe cases, even local anesthetic has to be applied to properly remove the tick head from the skin tissue.

Most ticks carry no viruses or parasitic microorganism that could cause a serious disease. So while you would be eager to get rid of the irritation symptoms from the bite, you do not need to trouble yourself much with the anxiety of catching a serious disease. However, this knowledge should never let you drop your guard in the aftermath of a tick bite. Some ticks do carry the bacterial parasites that cause Lyme’s disease. The distinct infection signs and symptoms, such as rash appearing after 3 days of the bite, should be noticed to eliminate the risk. A physician should be consulted if such a serious infection is suspected.

The greatest complication that could result after a tick bite is a skin infection, which may not be related to serious conditions such as Lyme’s disease. You should first check if the body of the tick is embedded in the skin and then check for the signs of infection. When a tick is found stuck in the skin, it should not be crushed or smothered, but carefully removed by means of fine tweezers. You should attempt to grab the stuck tweet as close to its mouth as possible. Grabbing the tick from its belly could tear it apart, making its head even harder to remove. Use just enough force so that the tick would let go of the skin.

Wash the wound with warm water and mild soap. If a skin infection is identified, apply antibiotic ointment on the wound, under the consultation of a physician. Do not apply other chemicals such as petroleum jelly or alcohol, as this would only increase the risk of infection.

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