Why Do They Call It the Birds and the Bees?

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Why Do They Call It the Birds and the Bees?

Sexual intercourse and reproduction are two of the most difficult things to explain to children. Parents often dread the day their kids ask them how they were created or where they came from. It’s one of the reasons why many moms and dads wish their children wouldn’t have to grow up.

But that time and day will come for sure and the only way parents can talk about it is by using metaphors and examples that kids can relate to without giving them the impression of malice or confusing them even further with anatomical parts. Its how the phrase ‘the birds and the bees, came to be used to explain how babies are brought to this earth.

First up we explore why birds are appropriate examples for procreation. As we adults know, women are responsible for the fertilization of the egg cells that meet up with sperm cells to form a living wonder called the baby. Birds lay eggs and this is probably the easiest way for children to imagine how fertilization happens. Birds representing women may sound absurd but to kids they are fun.

The bees, on the other hand, carry pollens from one flower to another which essentially constitutes the mating process of plants. The image of them flying around is much easier to visualize than telling kids millions of sperm cells racing towards the woman’s egg cell. Thinking about daddy hopping around like the bees is sure to elicit laughter from them.

In the end, it’s always at the discretion of families how they explain the reproductive process to their kids. As long as they do it responsibly, there can be no harm in teaching children what they will eventually be doing when they grow up. A parent can only wish it wouldn’t be too soon. If only life was easy like those of the birds and the bees.

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