why do terrorists attack America?

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Why do terrorists attack America?

The United States of America is one nation comprised of 50 states and a federal district, Washington DC. Occupied by over 308 million people, the United States claims to be the third largest country in the world. As one of the world’s ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the country is inhabited by various origins, more dominantly by Asians. The United States was established by thirteen British colonies and was able to gain independence after the American Revolutionary War took place. It was because of their independence that they were able to establish a firm foundation that helped them become one well grounded nation. Several years thereafter, United States of America eventually became one powerful and influential country that many countries envy.

The evidently holistic development and success that the United States of America has been achieving and maintaining caused other countries to pose destructible acts to bring the country down. Ever since terrorists emerged, the security of the United States has been on constant guard. One reason why terrorists attack America is because of the liberty that the country strongly implements. The freedom of the country illuminated by its people’s lifestyles, advancing technology and booming economy has put the oppressed countries into envy.

More so, the firm laws and policies implemented by the government of the United States permitted its people to enjoy the benefits of freedom, liberty and justice. This has been one of the greatest concerns that other countries, mostly the third world countries, envy about America. This is also the reason why most terrorists attack the big nation.

For many years, concerns of the terrorists have been appropriately addressed to prevent any undesirable war fares to take place. Despite the hazards posed by the terrorists, America desires to attain peace with them.

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