Why do Snakes Hiss?

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Why do Snakes Hiss?

Snakes hiss when they are afraid of the animal that comes towards it, especially humans. Cobras hiss to probably say that they will attack by spraying the venom if they are harmed by anyone. Vipers hiss to say that they will attack violently by biting harder. Rattle snakes hiss to express that by rattling their tail they will attack the people who try to harm them. Pythons will hiss to frighten the humans or other animals that they will squeeze them to death. Snakes hiss probably due to other reasons like breathing in air, smelling, frightened, and hungry. It is also thought that snakes hiss as a way of telling hello to other animals.

The reason for the snakes to hiss is to keep the predators away and as a defense mechanism against the other animals. The sound will occur as the air is forced into the airway that is constricted in their throat. Several reptiles including lizards will make this sound to emphasize it as Stay Away”. Some people who grow snakes in their yard reported their experience with the snakes in the internet. The python was observed to hiss for no reason. He observed the snake hissing when he puts it in water. He could observe the snake hissing even when there is no one to frighten it. It hisses when the surroundings are silent as well as when there is no noise made at that place. Some snakes of a particular type like boa constrictor was found to be hissing very often.

When the snakes want to shed the skin, they feel less secured during this process. It cannot see and hence will hiss to defend. When the snake is not used to the smell of the person trying to catch hold of it, it will get frightened and startled. In response to these actions of holding it, snake will hiss.

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