Why Do Shy Boys Stare At Girls?

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When it comes to the relationship between girls and boys, there are several theories and hypotheses that come up. While some have been explained biologically, some remain as speculations. For example, several girls have reported spotting a boy staring at them. To some, this worries them because such boys often stare when the girl is not looking.

One girl once confessed, “I have this classmate whom I always catch staring at me almost every time my eyes drop on him. At times I assume and then look back after a short while only to find him still staring at me. This has happened many times.” It is true that many girls have experienced this once or many times.

What is the basis of shy boys staring at the girls?

One should underline the fact that boys appreciate the beauty of the girls – it is natural. There is an inborn desire in men to be attracted to the beauty of the girls. That is why it is not an isolated case to catch a boy staring at a girl or any part of her body. However, shy people seem to stare more as a way to communicate their feelings to the girl. This is because most shy boys fear rejection and thus do not want to openly talk about what they feel about any particular girl. They stare to let the girls know that they like them or something particular about them.

It is however different with confident boys since when confident boys spot a girl they like, they easily approach the girl and express their feelings.

A shy boy would stare at a girl as often and as long as is necessary to drive the message home. To some girls, it is weird while for others who already understand, it is something to be expected from shy boys.

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