Why Do Shoes Hang On Power Lines?

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Why do shoes hang on power lines?

Most of the people hang their shoes on the power lines. It is thought that shoes that are hanging on the wires will indicate that the adjacent house is a local crack house. The hanging shoes say that crack house has crack cocaine that is marketed well. The marketing shoes are referred to as Crack Tennies. The shoes hanging on the power lines also indicate that it is associated with the location where Heroine is marketed. The shoe hanging says that the Heroine addiction will not allow the person to leave its use.

There is another opinion that shoes hanging on the power lines indicate that the gang members are associated with a murder. The shoes hanging also say that one of the gang members died. The hanging of shoes will show a type of identification of gang turf. There is an opinion with the residents of Los Angeles that the shoes are hanging on the power lines to indicate that the drugs are marketed at this place. It is also reported that the city people have attempted to start a program in order to take away the shoes hanging. The issue about this has some legend associated with the city.

Some people have a view that shoes are hanged in the memory of the ending of a school academic year. The shoes also represent the upcoming marriage rite. It is reported that in the place like Scotland, if any young man loses his virginity he is usually known to hang his shoes on the telephone wires. He does this to make his peers know about this fact.

It has been the tradition of the military people to hang their shoes on the wires overhead. They do this by painting the shoes in orange and some specialized color. The shoes are hanged by the military people as a mark of continuing the service or finishing the basic training. The hanging of shoes is also similar to bullying activity carried out by the drunkards.

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