Why do sandals smell?

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Why do sandals smell?

Sandals are one form of footwear that is typically open on the toes. As outdoor footwear, sandals are consisting of straps that are wrapped around the ankles for security. Even dating in the early times of history, sandals have already existed in the form of leaves and naturally intertwined roots as well as leaves and branches. Over time, many styles and kinds of sandals have emerged. More so, famous brands have been known as major distributors of sandals such as Crocs, Havaianas and Islander.

One of the major concerns that most sandal user often raised about is the smelling of the sandals. For many years of study, one of the discovered factors that contribute to the build of up among sandals being used is the material it is made from. Most commonly, sandals made from leather, plastic or non-cloth fabrics more often are prone to create a certain odor after use of such sandals.

Another reason is due to the humidity and moisture that can be facilitated when in use of sandals.  The feet, naturally, have the tendency to sweat, which frequently goes unnoticed. Over time, sweat gets collected onto the inner soles of the sandals, and in time, a distinct smell, which is obviously unpleasant, can be smelled.

Another known cause could be the inadequate drying of sandals after cleaning or after getting soaked in the rain. Following the same mechanism stipulated above as having sweaty feet, collected and dried liquid within the sandals will eventually expel an unlikely odor after quite some time.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to avoid moisture on the sandals and to keep one’s feet clean and drying before wearing any kind of footwear. More so, adequate cleaning and drying of one’s footwear remains to be significant.

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