Why do romeo and juliet fall in love?

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Why do romeo and juliet fall in love?

Romeo and Juliet is a stage play in the form of a tragedy in which teenagers fall in love and marry against the wishes of their parents. This was one of the famous literary works of the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. As brilliant as he is, Shakespeare created an interplay of emotions that widely range from drama, comedy, action and despise.  Such play has influence many eras and remains to be popularly known even in today’s modern time.

As tragic as the play can be, many people still find it fascinating how the main characters in story, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, managed to overcome the height of rivalry between their respective clans and endeavored to fighting for their unrequited love.

For one, the author himself is innovatively brilliant and took the risk of establishing a genre that does not focus on one source of emotion only. Thus, to create balance, he created a play that is equally rooted from love and hate. This can be evident by the fact that while each of the two sets of family are focused on getting revenge towards the other, the couple unceasingly falls in love with one another until their death.

Another reason why Romeo and Juliet fall in love with one another is because man is naturally capable of doing so. This expression naturalness cannot be devoid and is essential in imparting to the audience how vital life is and how wonderful it is that despite all the odds, love still reigns until the end of time.

More so, Romeo and Juliet falls in love with each other basically because, apart from being a play, they were meant to create a relationship that is deeply rooted on the greatest virtue, which is love.

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