Why Do Rabbits Thump?

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Why Do Rabbits Thump?

A rabbit’s thumbing of its hind leg is simply a way that the rabbit communicates, especially with members of its own species. There are actually several different types of thumps that can mean many different things, depending also on the body language of the rabbit. If you know your rabbit, it is much easier to distinguish their various body language, because it can often vary from rabbit to rabbit, just like it varies in other species like humans.

A very loud thump can indicate an alarm call, when the body is very stiff, with alert ears, wider eyes, and sort of jumpy and skittish. They will take very small steps and try to stay very tall, while looking around for what had alarmed him. They have smelled or heard something that poses a threat to rabbits ‘š this could be your dog or cat, or just a loud noise nearby him. Don’t worry, if it is a common thing, they will become accustomed to it, and it is best to comfort the rabbit very gently, without scaring it even more.

They will also thumb when very excited, about a treat, or a net pet or animal in the house ‘š just like dogs do with wagging their tails, and in some cases, their whole behind. They will often do this with softer but quicker thumps. Rabbits can show a lot of emotion through their thumping; they will also use special thumbs to show that they are very frustrated in not getting their way, or when they are playing with you, or if you are petting them and hit that one sweet spot. Sometimes they will also thump just because they really want to get your attention.

The best way to know what your rabbit is thinking is to get to know them, and see what they like and dislike, and how they react to it, with both their thumps and their overall actions.

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