Why do Norwegians hate Swedes?

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Why do Norwegians hate Swedes?

It is accepted that Norwegians have a friendly rivalry with Swedes. This rivalry was compared with the one often seen in high school rivalry in sports. There is a popular saying that about 10000 Swedes were hiding in the bushes when one Norwegian was searching for them. This was absolutely said in terms of a joke or fun. Swedes make fun of Norwegians which was observed as not at all serious. There was a commercial advertisement made by the Swedes in which they manufactured ice cream. The milk they needed for this was obtained from milking their cows. But, they showed it funnily how the Norwegians obtained the milk for the same purpose. They showed it as if the Norwegians had pulled the cow’s tail after which the cow pooped into a bucket. This is just a way of teasing the Norwegians by the Swedes just for fun and they both were not known to have any serious conflicts between them.

Norwegians were not found to hate the Swedes. Most people in the world have to agree that Swedes are kind hearted and they cannot trigger hatred in someone against themselves. It is believed that it is not hatred that exists between the Norwegians and Swedes, but it is a friendly and funny tug. About 100 years ago, Swedes invaded Norway. Later, during World War II Nazi people under the leadership of Norwegian traitor also invaded Norway.  The Norwegians were expecting the Swedes to resist the occupation of Norway by the Nazi’s. But, the Swedes remained quiet and neutral. This made the others also to remain silent in-spite of the occupation of Nazis. Hence, the Norwegians were known to be teasing the Swedes for not being able to stop the Nazis from invading the Norway. This teasing is just for fun and not at all serious. It is also not hatred that exists between Norwegians and Swedes. Both Norwegians and Swedes are well educated and they do not tend to dislike each other.

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