Why do Mormons wear garments?

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Mormons do all activities on earth based on what is described to be going on in heaven. The people in the Mormon missionaries were known to wear white shirt.  All the Mormons do not wear black pants. The beings in heaven are known to wear bright white clothes for their physical body which is temporary. But, in practice the heavenly clothing cannot be worn at this age. But, the covenant people are allowed to wear this heavenly clothing as the under garments.

The garments worn by the Mormons are called as temple garments. These are worn by the people who were involved in Latter Day saint movement as well as in the endowment ceremony. For an endowed adult person to go inside the church, it is essential to wear these garments both during the Day as well as in the Night. The garments are considered as symbols of covenants that are formulated in the Temple. These garments are also viewed as the source of safety for the bad elements present in the world.

According to the LDS church, the garments worn by Mormons especially in Temples have several reasons. The first reason is that the garments make the person to recall the covenants formulated in the temple. The other reason is that the garments make the person to tolerate the temptation and does not succumb to it. The garments also are known to protect the person from the evil.

The garment worn by the Mormons is the symbolic expression of commitment that is present inwardly in them. The garment will provide some strength for the person who wears it to resist all the temptations and to fight for justice and right purpose. The saints who wore the garments trusted that the garments will offer tribute spiritually as well as physically and in maintaining the covenants.

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