Why do mission trips?

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In the chapters of Bible, it is observed in the Mathews book that Jesus Christ orders his people to go all over the world and gain the followers for His path from various nations. This procedure is known as Great Commission. Most of the Christians or rather all of them take the word of Jesus Christ to be very significant. They work very hard to distribute the Love, mercy and grace provided by the Jesus Christ to all the people in the world. This is done by the followers of Jesus in order to just follow what is said by the Lord.

The mission trip is done not just to spend a vacation but, in offering some important information to the poor people. The mission trips also help the long term missionaries to enhance their activities. The sole aim of the mission trip is to help in spreading the gospel. The above mentioned activities are part of the mission trips and just not the entire theme behind the trips. The mission trip mainly involves spreading the glory of Lord. It can be said that mission trips involve doing or joining in what the Lord is doing for us.

The mission trip might include making a hole in the center of serengeti, building a church, knocking at the doors of people to spread the gospel, pray for the whole night and do sacrifices in the lives and many more. It is not that mission trips always deliver our wisdom in front of every one. The mission is to show some obedience towards the Lord. The programs and agendas should not be the important point behind the mission trips. Keeping the God as the central point is very important in a mission trip. The Christians who really want to help people do it in the form of missionaries and show their love towards the Lord in the form of service to the humanity. Service to mankind must be the motto behind mission trips.

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