Why Do Men use Vaseline?

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Why Do Men use Vaseline?

There are many different products that men and women use to restore the moisture and smoothness to their lips and skin. You can find a wide variety of lotions and creams and powders out there that will do a pretty good job in fixing some blemishes or dry spots that you might have, but one of the best products that I have found works just about as well as any other is Vaseline. Vaseline is one of the oldest and most reliable products on the market today and have been used by millions of people for many different reasons throughout its rich history.

Men tend to use Vaseline for a multitude of reasons. One of which is probably pretty graphic to talk about, but I think that you can get what I am talking about pretty easily. The fact that men use Vaseline to pleasure themselves is attributed to the fact that Vaseline’s original use was to prevent chaffing of the skin caused by everyday friction. This would definitely concur with the fact that while pleasure is being asserted, friction and chaffing is just part of the game. So, Vaseline has a very important and successful job in that department.

While that is probably not the most important or used reason why or how Vaseline is used by men, it certainly is one of the top 3 reasons. I have used it for chapped lips before and it definitely have worked wonders in the winter months. I have seen people use it around their eyes and ears as well to prevent chapping and even to prevent aging. I am not sure how accurate that assumption is that Vaseline can actually reverse the aging trend, but I guess it is always worth a try. People will try anything to stay young looking these days.

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