Why Do Men need Space?

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Why Do Men need Space?

There are many different kinds of guys when it comes to being in a relationship and how they respond to spending time with people in general. I have known guys who have loved being around the person that they are with at all times without much of a break at all and I have known those guys who can only handle little bits and pieces of time with those people before they need some of their alone time or space to be by themselves. Either way, I think it is totally normal and natural to belong in either category, but some women do not really like to hear that guy needs his space.

I have always fallen into the category in which I desperately needed to spend some quality time by myself regardless of who I was hanging out with at the time. I have always been that type of private person who enjoys to just sit back and relax without anyone else talking in my ear and bugging me. That does not mean that I do not enjoy spending time with people that I care about, though, but that seems to be overlooked when I am in a relationship.

Guys need their space to collect their thoughts and be able to do guy things alone and without interruption. Whether it be reading a book, watching some TV, writing a song or any other alone time thing a guy wants to do at that time. What people seem to frown upon is the fact that some people just prefer not to spend time around others and lock themselves in their own little prison. I think that might be an issue worth looking into, but should not be taken the wrong way if someone just enjoys spending time with a little peace and quiet.

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