Why do Men Kneel when Proposing?

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Why do Men Kneel when Proposing?

This question can be answered by logical means (believe it or not). There are many reasons and explanations ‘why, men kneel when proposing. Some believe that it is a sign of respect and reverence to someone special. Like a knight kneeling in front of his ‘King and Queen,. It can be symbolic, it can be spiritual, and it can be a little bit of both.

When a man proposes, he kneels because it means that he is being submissive or surrendering his feelings to a woman. The gesture of kneeling has been debated since earlier times. There is no point in history on which it can be explained. Many believed that it is also a form of status. A man lowers his status to a woman, so that the woman can see that he is serious and would be serious in her answer as well.

Ancient cultures and traditions may have affected the way people think when proposing. It is also a trait that might have been passed down in the ‘genes, (however, illogical that may sound). No one can have a definite grasp on why men do this. Some men say that it is ‘automatic,. They didn’t know what they were doing and they just find themselves kneeling before the person they love.

To others, it is much more convenient to kneel because it is the easiest way to place the ring in the woman’s finger when she accepts your proposal. It is also viewed as a more romantic way of proposing.

The ‘knighthood, effect is the more popular and romantic approach. When a knight kneels, he vows to serve his master or mistress for as long as he lives. That is definitely the best and not to mention most romantic explanation, on why a man kneels when he propose.

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  1. Art

    September 21, 2014 12:01 am

    What a terribly written answer! Please study grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and proper word usage before claiming you “know” something! Otherwise, you risk sounding like an idiot


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