Why Do Men eat more than Women?

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Why Do Men eat more than Women?

Study shows that more men in America are obese than women. If you can closely observe male and female behavior, men are less likely to eat healthy foods over women. You can say, that more women are concerned with their weight over men.

Depending on the height, age and weight of a man, a typical male can eat up to an average of 2,500 up to 5,000 calories a day just to sustain his energy and gusto all throughout a day. Although this study is not applicable to all males, a lot of men do consume more food that normal women would. In fact, recent studies have found out that men are more prone to acquiring heart diseases because, compared to the opposite sex, they are less vigilant and watchful of what they put in their mouths.

So why do men eat more than women? It could be for a lot of reasons. As we said, age is a key factor that could affect a man’s appetite.

For instance, for a boy going through puberty, he is more likely to eat more than a girl because of his raging hormones and the testosterone that is building up in his body. Another reason why it is likely for men to eat more than women is the fact that men have more muscles than the opposite sex which makes them more prone to needing a lot of energy in order for them to keep their body mass from atrophying. Another possible reason as to why men eat more than women is the fact that most men tend to have more active lifestyles than women.

As you know, a person’s activities can greatly affect one’s metabolism. For this instance, when men are active, the more energy or food he will need to consume in order for his body to keep up with the metabolic rate.

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