Why do Men earn more than Women?

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Why do Men earn more than Women?

The thought that men earn more than women is not perfectly said as women do earn more than men in various fields all over the World. Well, there might be few cases comparatively where women earn more than men. Gone are the days when men were really earning more than women. In those days women were not choosing some jobs that involved travelling, working for long hours in dangerous sites, managing a business, and administering the company. Women prefer to work in the environment which is safe, clean, convenient, and comfortable. There are many cases even now where women and men who have same experience and qualifications, working in the same company or another company of same kind, doing same job are paid equally. But in most of the cases again due to the gender discrimination women are paid less than men. Probably that is the reason why a man who is not putting maximum efforts in a national or international game is paid more than a woman who is struggling hard in an under privileged job.

There might be people heading the companies who think that men have to bear the responsibility of the family while women not necessarily do it according to the common social expectation. They generally go forward to pay men more than women irrespective of the work load each one of them is handling.

According to Dr. Warren Farrell, a member of the board of National organization for Women in New York City, women are paid less than men. He mentioned some reasons behind this in his book. Women are paid less as they do not choose to work in the prison and prefer a childcare center. This is because prison is an unpleasant environment. Women will not like to opt for commission based sales field as it involves financial risk. Women would prefer to be a librarian rather than a police officer which is a dangerous job. On the whole, women are paid less as they choose jobs by giving importance to saving the time than money.

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