Why Do Kittens Bite?

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Why Do Kittens Bite?

Kittens have tiny sharp little teeth; while they are still underdeveloped, this is one of their only forms of protection. They will also bite when they play, just like puppies, dogs and older cats. And of course, like a human baby and puppies, they too go through stages of teething.

The trick is not to encourage it. Instead of letting it bite at your hands and feet, distract it with toys (but not treats, as this will encourage it even more). You’ll learn to see when it wants to play, so get it a soft and cushy toy that it can chew on, and get their teething done with on that, rather than your fingers and toes. In fact, you should really avoid playing with your kitten and letting it chew on your fingers, as it will not stop this as it gets older  do not believe what you hear: your kitten will not grow out of any bad behavior if you do not stop it. This does not mean that you have to punish your kitten this is actually worse than letting it continue chewing on your fingers. This is because it will become very skittish if you punish, and will become scared and more likely to attack or be very aggressive towards you and especially visitors. It will not understand why it is being punished and will resent you for it, even though you feed it and house it.

The best way to avert the kitten’s attention is to place a toy in front of its face as it tries to bite you. It will learn to teeth on those toys. You should also avoid sudden movements in front of the kitten, so that it will not feel threatened or feel the need to attack or run. The most important thing by far is not to jump, yell, or drop the kitten if it does bite you. It will get you a few times, there is no doubt. If you freak out on the kitten, it will become afraid of you, no matter what else you do.

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