Why do kindle books cost more?

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Kindle is a popular device for reading so-called ebooks or electronic versions of books.  Through the Kindle device, one may just use a tablet-like computer and browse through the pages of book in its electronic format.  As more and more people are embracing technology, many books are now also released in ebook formats aside from the standard hardcover and paperback versions.  With the convenience that Kindle ebooks provide, many have become fans of this particular product.  Some people like the convenience of browsing through ebook pages electronically while others prefer the light load of Kindle ebook readers when compared to some standard hard-covered books.  The only concern about Kindle ebooks is that many people have noticed that they are actually more expensive compared to the printed versions, even the paperbacks.

When the experts are asked on this subject, many point out to a variety of reasons on why Kindle versions of various book titles are sold at a higher price compared to printed versions.  One reason points to online retailing sites such as Amazon.  It is said that as much as 70% of the Kindle ebook price goes to the online retailer and only 30% remains for the publisher.  Through online retailers, Kindle books are to be included in promos and searches and maintenance of the facility also incurs costs.  Some people also point out that there are also actual costs for the publisher in terms creating the electronic versions of books and its digital distribution.  The fact that each Kindle book for example must be configured for compatibility to various platforms adds cost to the ebook production.  There are also people who suggest the theory that Kindle ebooks need to be priced higher than paperbacks so as not to compete directly with this printed version.  It is said that publishers get a good profit from printed versions and many of them would not want ebooks to cannibalize the sales of these products.

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