Why Do Kids Cut Themselves?


Why Do Kids Cut Themselves?

This is a question that has baffled parents for years, the answer lies on the person itself. Self injury or cutting by kids can have a lot of reasons. The most common reason is teen problems. Problems like being bullied rejected, dumped, ridiculed, laughed at, blamed on and the list continues. When kids reach their limit, they are subjected to do things that a normal child wouldn’t even think about doing.

Children when faced with ‘traumatic, experiences are also liable in hurting themselves. When the emotion is too much for them to handle, the only release that they can think of is self injury. Extreme mental anguish and stress can sometimes be forgotten by brief moments of pain. Since the brain release endorphins when we are cut or hurt, the pain outweighs the problems and can sometimes cause a form of addiction. When kids think that ‘it is always their fault, or ‘I hope I wasn’t born, they tend to do it to the extreme, which often results into life threatening scenarios and sometimes even fatalities.

Some expert says that there are also other reasons for this. When a child is looking for attention, they would do anything to make you look at them or care for them. Even in the expense of cutting themselves. This might be an interesting point, when looking at it in a different angle. Parents do care for their child’s welfare and can be over protective when they need to. Some kids seek this kind of attention and comfort. To them a little pain is nothing compared to the rewards that they can get.

Whatever the reasons behind these cuttings, parents should be on the lookout for scars and other visible cuts in their children’s bodies. They should spend more time with their kids and show them how much they love them. Prevention is always better than cure. If you are always there for them when they needed you the most, then the possibility of them cutting themselves would be reduced dramatically.

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3 Responses

  1. Savanah

    April 4, 2014 6:06 pm

    Ok I’m 10 I have a brother he’s in six grade and people say he cuts him self and he just says no but u van tell and he gets addition he has a good life

    • Lexie

      October 22, 2014 3:26 pm

      That is the same with me I am 14 and I hope u don’t become like ur brother now I am in 8th grade and I am sure he doesn’t harm himself. I bet it is just lies but if depend on God he will lead u through the pain, the harms, the hurts, and even help u with everything u have been going on in ur life. I pray that u want be like ur brother I just do! _ _ _ _ : Love is in the air little one. it really is. and has ur mother done anything about this?

  2. Lexie

    October 22, 2014 3:19 pm

    I want to know why kids began to hurt them selfs and/or why they do this ? why cant they talk it out with their parents, grandparents, or an adult? why is it that kids parents not doing anything about this? maybe because there mom or dad was never there for her. maybe she misses her dad and wishes he was here with her. u no what kids u need to be thankful to ur parents and teachers. u need to be there for them when they get older and they cant walk or cant drive u will be right there by there side to help them through because they sat back there whole antier life with u. they though u how to eat and speak, they helped u walked and stand up, they even now days help u stay safe make a better person of ur self an go give ur mom and dad a hug. if they have passed I am sorry but u can still go to their grave and tell them about the beautiful times u had together while u have a chance because once u pass away and go to Heaven u don’t no if u will ever have a nother chance to say ” Mom and Dad I missed u for awhile and I thought I lost u there for a couple of years, but I wanted u to no I still keep u in my heart.” I love kids and I want them to stay safe. Even though I am 14 does not mean I cant have this problem because I have done this before and to tell u now it is not fun, it does hurt. if u were gone today how would ur parents take it or ur family? how would u feel if u harmed ur self? and if u ever have trouble with people or with parents go to ur room or to a quit place, grabe a pencail and a piece of paper and write down all ur feelings. then show it to some one u trust. they will no what to do after u do that. when u get depressed because a guy hurt ur feelings then that means it was not meant to be if he did not fight for u to stay with him. and if ur mad because ur girlfriend said something in the wrong way. do not get mad at her. just tell her how u feel. make her believe in u and make her have faith. If ur an adult then u no what to do ur responsible for ur actions not anyone elses ur the one who needs to grow up not the kids who try to help u quit. and if the kids learn from there parents that means they don’t care about there kids. now go talk to ur kids and tell them about them when they were little. If I made u cry I did not mean to. 😉 :-‘(


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