Why Do Kickers Wear Different Shoes?

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Why Do Kickers Wear Different Shoes?

Soccer is considered to be a challenging sport. It is also interesting to watch because of the thrill and excitement everytime the players run for the ball and reach for the goal. But what makes soccer more interesting is the shoe worn by the kickers.

Usually, athletes wear a pair of shoes from the same brand. But for kickers, they wear different shoes? There were a lot of reasons behind this. First, kickers need to wear special shoes for kicking. They need o wear a kicking shoe which is different from rubber shoes. This is also called as soccer cleat. This kind of shoes are better for kicking because it is more comfortable to wear and it is lighter than the football cleat. It has special soles with spikes which prevent the player to slide when he runs.

The non kicking foot on the other hand, should wear a shoe which has special soles, usually studs which can plant to the ground better. This also helps the player not to slide everytime he runs on the moist field.

Some players just want to wear different shoes for fashion. They even color the shoes so that these will look attractive in the field. This is also one way for them to be recognized. Other teams also wear different shoes because they want to create a trademark as a soccer team.

Some kickers don’t wear different shoes because they prefer the same brand of shoes. Using cleats is just a preference for some., may it be for fashion statement or for comfort. But one thing is for sure, playing soccer is very tiring. A player needs to have his own strategies in order to survive in this tough game. One thing to do that is to wear comfortable shoes, whether the same pair or not.

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